Women's bodies are biologically designed to have more body fat than men. By nature, a woman's body is developed to protect her and a potential foetus. As a result, women have more fat-storing enzymes and fewer fat-burning enzymes. The hormone oestrogen also activates fat-storing enzymes, causing them to multiply.

Women experience much greater changes in their hydration level than men because of their menstrual cycle. This will affect your body fat percentage readings. Retaining fluid may also cause your weight to fluctuate day-to-day, causing additional variations in your body fat readings.

In order to understand your natural monthly body cycle, you may find it useful to monitor and record your weight and body fat readings every day for a month. This information will enable you to establish the most reliable baseline and help you understand the full range of normal fluctuations in your body fat readings.

Hormonal changes during menopause can also cause water retention and measurement variations.

To successfully monitor your progress, remember to compare weight and body fat percentage readings taken under the same conditions over a period of time, paying attention to fluctuations caused by your menstrual cycle.

And stay within the women's - not the men's - healthy body fat range!
Click to view the Healthy Body Fat Ranges chart

Based on NIH/WHO BMI guidelines. As reported by Gallagher et al at NY Obesity Research Center.


There is no health risk associated with using the Body Fat Monitor during pregnancy. However, when you are pregnant, the body's hormones go into overdrive to provide optimum conditions for the growing baby. Fat is stored around the stomach and hip areas to provide warmth and protection for the foetus and is not as evenly distributed around the body as it would be at other times. This impacts on the reading given by the Body Fat Monitor.

There have also been insufficient research studies in relation to body fat during pregnancy, meaning suitable equations and "healthy" ranges have not been validated for pregnant women.


Too little body fat...
It is possible to have too little body fat. Young women are especially at risk of anaemia and insufficient calcium could lay the foundations for osteoporosis in later life. Amenorrhoea - missing menstrual periods - is common and could lead to infertility.

Too much body fat...
Obesity has become a serious health threat for women at every stage of life. Female-specific conditions attributable to being overweight include an increased incidence of breast cancer after menopause (particularly for women taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT)), and higher rates of endometrial cancer. Also associated with obesity are various birth defects, obstetric and gynaecological complications and infertility. Obesity has also been documented in connection with stress incontinence in women.
As a person increases their activity levels, their weight may not change but their balance of body fat and muscle may alter which will change the user's overall physique. 
The Physique Rating on Tanita Body Composition Monitors offers the user the opportunity to track their Physique as they follow their health / fitness programme.
According to body fat and muscle mass levels the Monitor will assess your physique into the following categories.

The Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is the number of calories the body needs when at rest.
The speed of your metabolism is determined by many factors such as gender, age, muscle mass compared to body fat and the amount of physical activity undertaken on a regular basis. In general, Male's rates are higher than females because of the testosterone hormone and their higher muscle level.
Male's rates are fairly consistent and tend to stabilise about age 50 when testosterone start levels drop slightly. Women's rates increase during pregnancy and even higher when breast feeding, but drop when they go through menopause.


Understanding the Basal Metabolic Rate will allow a user to monitor the number of calories their body requires according to their physique and lifestyle. The more muscle or general activity a person takes the more calories required - a diet and fitness program can be based on this information.
The Basal Metabolic Rate level also decreases as the body ages. However the Basal Metabolic Rate will increase through a regular routine of cardiovascular exercise and increased activity.


Metabolic Age Rating indicates what age level the user's BMR is currently rated at.
Basal Metabolic Rate decreases, as one grows older. Children have a higher BMR than adults due to the required energy to fabricate human tissue. BMR in children tends to peak at age 16/17.


The monitor will calculate your BMR and an age will be given relating to statistical information collated during our extensive research.
If the age indicated is higher than the user's actual age then the user needs to improve their Basal Metabolic Rate. Increasing exercise levels will build healthier muscle tissue which will burn more calories consequently improving the user's metabolic age rating.

Results range guide

12 - 50 yearsDisplayed at increments of 1 year

A 30 year old woman with a 35 year old Basal Metabolic Age rating would need to address her fitness and health programme in order to lower her BMR rating.
Muscles play an important role as they act as the body's engine in consuming energy (calories). As you exercise more, your muscle mass increase, which in turn accelerates the rate of energy or calories consumed. Increasing your muscle mass will raise your metabolic rate helping you reduce excess body fat levels and lose weight the healthy way.
Your Tanita Body Composition Monitor will measure the weight of muscle in your body so you can easily see the rewards of your increased activity or exercise plan. You may also find that as you exercise more your weight may stabilise or even increase as your muscle mass grows and your body fat decreases.


Approximately 50 - 65% of the weight of a healthy person is water. It plays a vital role in helping you to stay healthy by:
  • Regulating body temperature
  • Removing waste from the body
  • Carrying nutrients, oxygen, enzymes, hormones and glucose to the cells
  • Carrying away toxins and metabolic waste from the cells for elimination
  • Cushioning joints and strengthening muscles
  • Providing natural moisture to skin and other tissues

You continually lose water during the day through sweat, urine and breathing. The amount of water you lose depends on factors such as physical activity and climatic conditions. Other factors affecting your body water level include illness, medications, hormone changes and poor nutrition.

Thirst is not the best indicator of dehydration, as the thirst mechanism only kicks in when you are already mildly dehydrated. Early symptoms of dehydration may include decreased energy or fatigue, headaches and dizziness.

Other symptoms are:
  • Dark coloured urine, which may have an odour, and/or infrequent urination
  • Dry lips, mouth, skin
  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Increased body temperature
Finding the right balance of water intake will ensure your body functions efficiently, will make you feel healthier and more alert and will reduce the risk of serious health problems. Being properly hydrated will also ensure you are performing at your best, allowing you to exercise longer. The new Total Body Water Percentage feature on selected Tanita Body Fat Monitors will help you to remain within the healthy total body water ranges.



The average total body water percentage ranges for a healthy adult are:
  • Female: 45 - 60%
  • Male: 50 - 65%
For Athletes, the figure is approximately 5% above these averages, as they will have greater muscle mass. Skeletal muscle contains more water than fat (adipose) tissue.

To date there are no validated standards for overweight/obese people, although the total body water percentage will fall below the average healthy ranges. The amount will vary depending on the degree of excess body fat.


As your total body water level changes naturally throughout the day, this may affect your body fat percentage readings. First thing in the morning you will be dehydrated and the fluid in your body will be stored in the central trunk area. As the day progresses, this fluid becomes more evenly distributed and, of course, eating and drinking will also affect your total body water level. So even though your actual body fat mass will not change during the day, your body fat percentage will, as your total body water changes. Your body fat reading could vary by as much as 3-4% in a 24-hour period.

Consistency is the key to using your Body Fat Monitor. The best time is in the early evening, before your meal, when hydration levels are more stable. This increases the accuracy of the readings. If you are unable to use your Body Fat Monitor as this time, pick a time that's convenient for you and stick to it. Take your readings at the same time and under the same conditions each day.

(Source: Tea Drinking and Fluid Balance: A Review. Maughan and Griffin, 2001)

Tanita Body Fat Monitors with Total Body Water %


We all need some body fat to be healthy. It's vital for basic body functions like regulating body temperature, storing vitamins and cushioning joints and organs.

But too much fat can damage your health and could put you at greater risk of developing serious medical conditions. Excess body fat is known to contribute to heart disease, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes mellitus and some forms of cancer.*

Visceral Fat (Abdominal Fat) is the fat that surrounds the vital organs on the trunk / stomach area of the body. High Visceral Fat levels increase the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Lowering Visceral Fat levels can stabilise insulin action substantially, and reduce the risk of diabetes and other related illnesses.*2

Body fat is not always visible to the naked eye. You may have an acceptable weight and figure, but could still be carrying more body fat than you think.

Weight alone cannot distinguish between the pounds that come from body fat and those that come from lean body tissue, such as muscle and bone. By using a Tanita Body Fat / Body Composition Monitor, you can keep a regular check on your body fat levels, helping you stay within the healthy ranges.

Reducing excess body fat will help you improve your body shape and appearance. You'll feel better, look better and enjoy a better, fitter quality of life.

* (Source: National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute - Clinical Guidelines.)
*2 (This is an estimate of your visceral fat mass based on your measured body size and composition)



Your Tanita Monitor will automatically compare your personal body fat reading to the Healthy Body Fat Range chart below.

Based on NIH/WHO BMI guidelines. As reported by Gallagher et al at NY Obesity Research Center.


Following the latest medical research you are now able to monitor your child's body fat percentage and encourage them to stay within the healthy body fat range as they develop. As a parent you will already be aware of your child's health and general wellbeing. By also using a Tanita Monitor you can have even greater confidence that your family is leading a healthier lifestyle.

Jebb S, McCarthy D, Fry T, Prentice AM (2004). New body fat reference curves for children. Obesity Reviews (NAASO Suppl) A156


Visceral Fat (Abdominal Fat) is the fat that surrounds the vital organs on the trunk / stomach area of the body. For a quick easy explanation - try tensing your tummy muscles, then pinch the fat by your belly button.  What you can pinch is subcutaneous fat (under the skin) it is not visceral fat.  Visceral fat is the fat you can't pinch - it is on the inside of your muscle wall.  Typically this type of fat is most often found in high levels in middle aged men (often mistakenly referred to as a beer belly).  Men have a genetic predisposition to accumulating fat in this way, whereas women are more likely to store fat subcutaneously.  (Subcutaneous fat has been shown to be associated with the nutrition required by a developing foetus, and for breast feeding).  High Visceral Fat levels increase the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Lowering Visceral Fat levels can stabilise insulin action substantially, and reduce the risk of diabetes and other related illnesses.


Your Tanita Body Composition Monitor will assess your visceral fat level into the following categories : 
Low RiskHigher Risk
1 - 1213 - 59
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